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      Pencil/Graphite drawing is one of the easiest and least expensive ways in which to begin your art lessons. All you will need is a number #2 pencil and some paper. During your lessons you will learn what type of lines to use and how best to use them in rendering your drawings. We will offer lessons in line drawing, shading, perspective, technique, positive and negative space and much more.

      In the coming months I will be adding sections on portraiture, pencil abstraction, composition and other techniques as I finish them. Please bear with me as all of the lessons are done by hand first prior to being uploaded onto the Internet. This is very labor intensive when done right and I will not compromise the lesson just to put it on line to fill the site.

      You may or may not want to purchase more professional quality equipment. That really depends on your abilities and desires to continue in art. As with any subject matter or task, the better the tools the better the outcome. Please visit our On Line Store for you arts needs.

      The "SAMPLE LESSON" is a good place to start for the young budding artist. It will help them to be able to transfer a drawing or picture to another piece of paper to render the drawing. The "SHADOWBOX" project gives you a plan to build a couple of different shadowboxes that will help you to see the way that light works in a drawing. Lesson one will give you an overview of lines and technique used in drawing. Lesson two you will see information covering shape, tone and shadow and how they help in the drawing.

Click on a lesson number or the sample graphic to go to the lesson.

      All during the lesson course each student and instructor will be asked to complete certain tasks. Practice is the only way to get better. We will support your questions through e-mail, snail mail or if you are equipped with a scanner and home page, right over the Internet. Let's get busy!

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