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     Every good day at the beach needs a few clouds to dream on so lets make some clouds. For a more dramatic effect you could cut out pieces of cardboard that are 1/8th or 1/16th inch thick to go under each cloud layer or all the layers in this project. It will allow more shadow to be cast onto the base layers as you build your beach. Make sure that if you do this that you make the cardboard smaller than the layer it is under because you do not want to see the cardboard when the project is finished.


For this project we will make three layers of clouds as seen in the completed project above. The base layer can be any shape that you want however if you are going to add a dream image in the top layer you will need to keep that design in mind. A day at the beach project from Home School Arts, clouds, step 1

A day at the beach project from Home School Arts, clouds, step 2 The middle layer is a little smaller and shaped a little differently (Morphing into the top layer design).

The top layer should be the shape of the clouds that you want to dream on. In this case I only added a seal shape to the clouds but you can add anything that you want. A day at the beach project from Home School Arts, clouds, step 3

     I'm sure that you have a favorite animated feature like "The Little Mermaid". You can draw or trace one or more of the characters to add to your top layer of clouds for an interesting dream cloud. It should be interesting to see how long it takes your friends and family to see the cloud formations.

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