A Closer Look

     We are now going to need some of the metal type coat hangers. I found the perfect ones for this project at our local Walmart Store. They are manufactured by Laidlaw Corp. and are shelved under the part name of Mainstays #HRDD36-12, they are vinyl coated and blue in color. However if you have metal coat hangers already you can use them. After you cut them and bend them you can paint them with a spray paint made for metal. You will need some lineman's pliers or large regular pliers to cut the hangers to the right length. Cut the hangers near the twist and hook and straighten them out as best as you can.


     In the first two pictures I illustrate where to measure and prepare to cut your hangers. You will need three to four hangers for this project. DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY LEFT OVERS FROM THE HANGERS WHEN YOU CUT THEM. YOU WILL USE ALL BUT THE TWIST PART OF THE HANGER INCLUDING THE CURVED HANGING PART JUST ABOVE THE TWIST.


     Go ahead and cut off the top part of the hanger as illustrated. Don't worry about the end cut now, when you curl over the end it will protect from creating cuts or injuries.


     When straightening the curve of the hanger use a pair of pliers to apply pressure at the curves. If your pliers are not machined flat be careful not to nick the vinyl when you straighten the hanger out.

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