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HomeSchoolArts is proud to include the work and lessons of Jason Morgan from Wales. The following is Jason's odyssey through the arts philosophy.

Jason Morgan, artist, photographer

"Just a little about me then........ I was born in 1969, in, what I believe, is the most atmospheric capital in the world, Wales.

Like a lot of budding artists out there, I played around with some sketching off and on for a long while before getting that awe-inspiring moment when I realized I "really wanted to paint".

That moment for me, believe it or not , was while watching a TV oil painting programme, "Painting with Bob Ross"

After some early successes, I got a little disheartened when most people referred to my paintings as Bob Ross copies.

What did I do? I decided to change styles completely and switched to watercolour painting instead. After a year or so with watercolours I have now come full circle back to oils, but now I paint with aJason Morgan, artist, photographer more traditional approach, smaller brushes which supplies great results, and a lot less mess!

I have been painting now for almost 2 years (Sept 2000) and as I Continue with this journey, I hope you'll join me where we can learn, improve and enjoy the wonders of art together....."

I have reviewed this site and highly recommend the lesson plans to all of you that would like to get beyond the basics with "OILS"!

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