In the above illustration you can see what your point of view is in single or 1 point perspective. It is just like you are looking at the flat side of a box straight on.

Single or One Point Perspective

     In single or one-point perspective all the lines in an object or drawing will vanish at one point at the horizon line. (See figure 1) It doesn't matter where on the drawing you place the horizon line or where the object will be placed. We only use the one vanishing point on the horizon line. (See figure 2)

     In figure two we are looking even with the vanishing point. So our viewing point will be the same. Now lets change the viewing point to place the horizon line through the bottom box. In figure three you can see the dramatic effect this has on our drawing.

     Notice how each box seems to change just by changing the viewing angle or elevation. They would change even more if we moved the viewing point to the left or right of center on the horizon line. Try it and you will see.

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