Pen and Ink Lesson 2 from Home School Arts
Line and Value

     Contour line is basically drawing your line to follow the curvature or shape of the object you are rendering. It can be done in many different ways. Example "H" is a cross contour line meaning that the lines cross over each other somewhat like a ball of twine or the hair or fur in people and animals. It gives the illusion of roundness but I wouldn't want to use it to draw an apple or other object that would not be represented well this way. It is faster than example "I", but example "I" would be more suited for the apple or an automobile or any other smooth shiny surface. In a later lesson on drawing animals we will discuss the use of cross-line and other unique aspects of rendering fur and hair. There are many more examples of line that we will use later like broken line, accent line, wavy line and cross line.


     Pointillism, Dots or Stippling are all the same thing basically. It is just a matter of laying down a pattern or random pattern of dots to create the illusion of shape and softness. Drawings done in this fashion have an overall softer look and texture to them as you will see in some of the sample drawings that follow this section where I will go into more detail about each of the line methods.


     Last but not least for now is the scumbling or scribbling method of line drawing. This is the method I use most for quick study sketching especially for subjects that are moving around like children and animals at the zoo. The zoo is my favorite place to go and sketch. There are people and animals engaged in all kinds of fun and adventure. Families experiencing their child's first look at an elephant or lion or any other animal is precious. A young man mimicking a monkey, a gasp as the tiger roars. Each precious moment is an opportunity for a drawing or illustration. When you need it done fast this is the method for getting it done.


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