Line and Value


     Pointillism is a method of using dots to fill in a drawing to create a texture and three-dimensional look. It gives you a lot of control over your subject matter. It can be time consuming as compared to some of the other methods but it is worth it.

     From the drawing to the left you can see that the flower is rendered in a way that allows you to see depth and detail without being overbearing. It keeps the drawing soft and unobtrusive. You can also see how I used positive and negative space to render this example.

     In the drawing to the right the flower was not well defined until I added the darks around it. After all the dark is put into the drawing and the negative space is defined the drawing is much clearer.

     For your first project and practice I want you to render the sphere to the left. Notice the use of positive and negative space, places that are drawn in and places that are not. It is very important to make sure that you do not hook or check the dots when creating the drawing although with this method you can hide your little mistakes easier. The above examples were all drawn with a #2 pencil. See how the light source comes in from the upper right just off center of the subject. The surface of the sphere looks like a Styrofoam ball, which is what I used for a model. What other surfaces could you use this technique for? What about metal, rubber, plastic or even glass? You can purchase Styrofoam spheres, cones and cubes from your local craft store to use as models. No shadowing has been included at this point. This will be discussed in a later lesson.

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