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My name is Raymond F Bohac Jr., and I welcome you to what I hope will be an exciting artistic adventure.

I have been drawing and painting since childhood and have instructed students in each one of the media listed on this site within the art center classroom and private lesson venue. I am a past executive director of the Semple-Upham Culture and Arts Center in Mount Vernon, Ohio and the current Art Director of Labyrinth Conceptions an independent illustration, photography and graphic design firm.

It is my hope and prayer that together we can spark the artistic flame in each of you and allow you to reach your artist goals according to your gifts, talent and hard work.

Because there will be children using this site I will not be teaching figure drawing or anatomy in this site. For these subjects I would suggest your local library or another art lesson site. In the coming months I will be adding new sections on portraiture, pencil abstraction, composition and other techniques as I finish them in each of the mediums listed. Please have patience with me as all of the lessons are done by hand prior to being uploaded onto the Internet. This is a free site and is labor intensive when done right. I will not compromise the quality of a lesson plan just to put a lesson or project on-line to fill this site with mediocre work.

Students and Parents if you have any suggestions for lesson plans or projects that you would like to see accomplished using our on line techniques just drop us an email or regular letter. Once we receive your request we will reply you that we did receive it and begin to research the project. If you want we will give you or your student full credit for the idea at the beginning of the lesson submitted.

If you are a teacher and have a project that you would like to include on this site. Please send me a synopsis of the project so that we may include it on the site. Remember to send any information for recognition of your hard work. I will add it to the project or lesson that you have submitted.

Please allow me to explain in brief why I am doing this. It is my belief that God gives each of us special talents to be shared with others and to edify Him. Using these talents is a way we can praise our Lord and bring forth the message of Salvation through the visual arts. I would also like to ask that each of you who are willing, pray together within your families before undertaking these lessons, both for you and me. Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom in the creation of the lesson plans and that they will be instructive and well received by all that would use them.

Thank you for your time and understanding as we develop and complete this site and the lessons herein. Please continue to view this site for new lessons.


Raymond F. Bohac Jr.

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Please continue to view this site for new offerings.